Computer Monitor Calendars

To get the printable version, right click on the name and chose, "Save as"

Print on heavier, good quality paper.

The files are print quality and large.
Depending on your internet connection, they may take a while to download.



The examples provided below may show past calendars.
The actual pdfs are for the current months and the design is the same.


Hobbit - Gandalf in the Shire

Hobbit - Dwarves

Hobbit - Bilbo

JRRT initials & illustration

Alan Lee Sketches

Hobbit - Thorin

White Tree of Gondor


Eärendil's Heraldic Device

Tolkien Emblematic Disc

Moria Door

Ring Verse - Eye of Sauron

Hobbit - Movie Logo

Mr. Bliss

Frodo Lives/Remington Book Cover



The artwork was not created by me and someone else 'owns' it. My creative contribution consists of the concept, the choice and modification of artwork, and the layout design. I do not make money on these designs.

For my part, you have permission to save the pdf files to your harddrive. You have permission to print the pdf files for personal or gift purposes. You have permission to share the pdf files discreetly with friends in a private manner. You do not have permission to post the pdf files on any public site, offer them to people on any public site, or make any money off them.