Mechwars Robot Combat Invitational 

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July 18 & 19, 2002

Mystic Lake Casino Hot Summer Nights

1st Place, Heavy Weight Division


We were going up against a spinner so we created an arm that attached to the

front of the robot that would keep the spinner blades from getting near enough

to MIDEVIL to do damage. That put us over our weight limit, however. Since none

of the mechanical parts are negotiable, the only way to reduce the weight was to

reconfigure the LEXANŽ case, leaving the back wheels vulnerable.


You can see the hole from which the pneumatically driven spike can emerge.

For some reason, this weapon has just never worked effectively. But even

when it does, it's usually fired when MIDEVIL is butted up against another

robot and, except for a distinctive sound, one can't see the spike being fired.