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These are the characters that have a name and/or the actor/extra can be identified. 

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Gate Keeper - Harry Goatleaf

The character is referred to in the movie credits as "Gate Keeper". The name Harry Goatleaf is from the books.

portrayed by Martyn Sanderson; NZ actor

credited in FOTR

Albert Dreary

Character name is from a Decipher Card

portrayed by Peter Jackson; writer/director

uncredited in FOTR for this role (credited for writing/directing)

Barliman Butterbur

Character name is from the book

portrayed by David Weatherley; NZ-based English born actor

credited in FOTR

Bill Ferny

Character name is from the book, identified in a Decipher Card

portrayed by unknown extra

Bree-lander Extra

Character not named

portrayed by Mark Fry; now an employee of Weta - thanks to Jack at The Noldor Blog for this identification

uncredited in FOTR