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The Corsairs were part of an additional scene available on the ROTK EE DVD. Most of the character information I have falls under the category of cameos made by a variety of people normally working behind the scenes of the movie. The documentary, "Cameras in Middle-earth", found on Appendices Part 6 (ROTK EE DVD) covers these cameos at length.

None of these people are credited for their depiction of Corsairs.

Below is what I know about these cameos.

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Peter Jackson - Director/Writer/Producer

His Corsair is the only one named on a Decipher Card : Castamir-of-Umbar

Rick Porras - Co-Producer

His Decipher Card is called Corsair Plunderer

Richard Taylor - Weta Workshop Creative Supervisor

His Decipher Card is called Corsair Marauder and he is shown with Gino Acevedo on on Corsair Gunnars (not included in Album)

Andrew Lesnie - Director of Photography

His Decipher Card is called Black Nśmenorean

Gino Acevedo - Weta Prosthetics Supervisor

Gino is shown on the cards Corsair Buccaneer, Corsair Ruffian, and with Richard Taylor on Corsair Gunnars (not included in Album)

Peter Tait - New Zealand based Actor

Peter Tait, who also played Shagrat, is credited as Corsair Captain. I couldn't find a picture of him to save my life (aside from a small grainy black and white one) but I finally tracked him down in the movie he wrote and acted in, Bogans. (Although I found it pretty funny, it's definitely PG-13) After watching that, The Decipher Card calls him Corsair Champion.

If you watch Bogans, see if you can find two other LOTR actors in it (Ian Hughes who played Irolas, a Gondorian Soldier and Steven Ure who played Grishnįkh and Gorbag). and.. if you stay till the end, you'll see another LOTR alumni.


There are other Corsairs depicted on Decipher Cards as well as various Corsair weapons. I haven't included more than these 6 characters in my album.

Decipher Collectible Card Game (CCG) is a collectible card game that involves large quantities of cards depicting various characters, objects, locations, attributes and events. Many of the cards for the LOTR CCG used characters seen in the movie and most of those cards identify the characters by a 'name'. I don't know who decided on these names. Most of these character names (for bit roles) are not included in the movies' credits. Was it just Decipher people? Did Weta name them (they were involved to some extent in the production of images for the cards)? Did the writers of the movie (Peter, Philippa and Fran) have some say in on how characters (unnamed in the movie's credits) were named? I don't know. Additionally, there have been some discrepancies in names between the cards and the movies. Therefore, I think it's important to understand that any name provided by a Decipher Card can only be given limited credence.