Tolkien Quote Cards

In 2006, when I looked for a way to support a friend - and fellow Tolkien fan - through a difficult time, I came up with the concept of providing her with a set of Tolkien Quote Cards. Each card would contain an amusing or inspirational quote from Tolkien's writings, and by selecting and reading one, she could experience a 'Tolkien moment'. In 2012, I created more cards while offering them to another friend in need of support.

Since we all have times when we could use a 'Tolkien moment', I offered these as a birthday mathom for my 55th birthday in 2007. Now, I present the newly expanded collection for my 60th birthday.

I hope you enjoy them.

Magpie, 2012




Most of the artwork was not created by me and someone else 'owns' it. My creative contribution consists of the concept, the choice and modification of artwork, and the layout design. The text, of course, is Tolkien's and belongs to the Tolkien Estate. I make no money off these designs.

For my part, you have permission to save the images to your harddrive or share them discreetly with friends in a private manner. You do not have permission to post either them on any public site, offer them to people on any public site, or make any money off them.