TORn Image Posting Guide

About Advanced Editor


My computer is a PC and I use Firefox as a browser.
If you use a Mac or another browser, your interface may look different than my screen shots below.

TORn's advanced editor requires
Internet Explorer version 5.5 or greater,
or a browser based on Mozilla 1.4 or greater.


Advanced Editor lets you control the format of your post using icons.

Click: to make a link


to make selected text bold


to insert an image into your post

When Advanced Editor is selected, you can see icons on top of your compose window (the tool bar) and the button: Switch to Basic Editor under your compose window.

You can change whether the Advanced Editor or the Basic Editor shows in your default editor for composing posts by going to: Edit Profile

Display Settings

choose: Display Settings

choose: Advanced Editor

This means Advanced Editor will display in any new compose window. Within the compose window, you can switch back and forth between the two Editors.

Basic Editor is used by people who don't have access to Advanced Editor or wish to do something the toolbar doesn't let them. It requires writing code to change text format and insert images and links. The best way to get help re: Basic Editor is on the Feedback board.


A Final Caveat


When using Advanced Editor, sometimes the post looks as you intend it to look in the compose window. But once you hit: Preview, it does not look right. This is especially true if you are copying and pasting text from another program (i.e. Word) or another website. The text retains formatting applied previously to it and, I believe, gives conflicting messages to the Advanced Editor. Sometimes parts of the text will appear larger than you want it... or too small and be a different font type. Sometimes line spaces will appear in places you don't want them and you can't get rid of them.

Additionally, some type of font formatting erases previous font formats. For example, if you set one word to be red in color, and the select all your text and tell the font to be Arial, the command for Arial will erase the command for red. (unless you set the color in the bottom of the pop up window to be red... in which case all your font will be red)

If formatting matters to you, having a strategy helps. Bear in mind, only the truly fussy need to worry about this. I suspect 99% of the posters at TORn do not employ these troubleshooting techniques. I don't except on posts that I've composed ahead of time (discussion leader and game posts, usually).

  • Type as much as your post as you can before applying any formatting at all. Formatting first, then adding a sentence later can result in inconsistent formatting.

  • If you have composed in Word, or you have copied and pasted text from other sources, remove all previous formatting by copy (or cutting) the text and pasting it into a basic editing program such as Windows Notepad. You may have wanted that one word to be bold but there's probably other things in there you don't want. Notepad allows you to start fresh.

    If you have Firefox, you can get an add on called: Copy Plain Text. To use, you select text displayed on a web page, right click and choose: Copy as Plain Text. This removes all formatting from that text when you copy it. It's a great short cut when you want to copy just a line or two and don't want to open up Notepad.

  • Place the unformatted text (back) in your compose window. If you want to chose a font type and size, now is the time to do it. Swipe all text and apply the font type

font face
pop up window:

  • Now you can format individual words or sections of your text with bold, italic, color, etc. You can even change some words or sections to be a different size or font, effectively reversing the formatting you applied to it above.

  • You've most likely edited your post since bringing it in from Notepad so proofing carefully in Preview will point out any problems with that new text.

But even using these steps, some things just will not work. To avoid frustration, I suggest you keep the formatting to a minimum. I have spent hours trying to get indents and subindents and all cap headers and bullet points... only to find things are all messed up when I hit preview and they just can't be fixed.

Additionally, I only find certain fonts, font sizes and colors to be readable. If you've got a bunch of text in bold, italic, and blue... I'm probably not going to read more than a line or two. Formatting should only be used to make text more readable... not less.