TORn Image Posting Guide

Displaying an Image as a Portrait 
on your Profile Page


My computer is a PC and I use Firefox as a browser.
If you use a Mac or another browser, your interface may look different than my screen shots below.



I have an image on a website that belongs to me to me and...

I want to use it as a portrait image on my profile page

Determine and copy the url address of the image you wish to use. Do you need help with this?

Back at TORn...

Click: Edit Profile

User Profile

On the page that opens choose: User Profile

Find the field marked: Portrait URL: and paste your image url address into it

At the bottom right corner of the page,
click: Make Profile Changes

If you want to check to see if it worked, visit your Profile Page. You find a Profile Page by clicking on a user's name when ever you see it associated with a post at TORn. 

Or, click the icon: Who's Online

On that page, click: View Member Directory

Use the alpha list to find your name.