I have a few different sorts of wallpapers to share.

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Wallpapers showcasing Middle-earth art by various artists
An assortment of Middle-earth wallpapers from other sources
   Seasonal wallpaper - many combined with haiku
   See my note regarding categories of poems
Poetry/Quotation wallpaper - non-seasonal



- Middle-earth Art -


Most of these images were embedded in a larger canvas comprised of color and texture. One reason for this is to maintain the aspect ratio of the original art. The other is to provide for some areas more suitable for parking desktop calendars, shortcuts, files, etc.


I have created these wallpapers to showcase the art. I have not changed the art in any way. (Well... I put an edge on a few and a texture on one or two.) It is my wish to respect each artist's work which is one reason I provide a link, whenever possible, to their official site and included their name in the wallpaper image.


I have utilized Photoshop but not in the ways most often seen for Wallpapers. My motivation was to find a way to effectively display these beautiful Tolkien images I was collecting. I can appreciate images with transparencies and fades but it's just not quite my style. I love my computer and software but I sometimes describe myself as an analog girl in a digital world. I was looking to create pretty straightforward displays of art.


- Middle-earth, other -


These aren't that spectacular. Better ones can be found on the internet. But they are ones I've happened to pull from outside sources and, hey... if I'm going to share, I'm going to share. I pretty sure they're all from the Lord of the Rings Activity Studio for FOTR and TTT. These few okay wallpapers were about the only thing of interest from these discs, although I used one of their screen savers for awhile. For the most part, I don't think they're particular good images but that one of Legolas in the woods... I stared at that one for many a months. Can you tell which movie character I was fascinated with?


- Seasonal/Poetry -


I downloaded and installed a program that will change my wallpaper automatically. It created subfolders for every day of the year, and it will look there before looking in the regular folder for images to display on any day. I wasn't interested in holiday images but how about seasonal ones? I was having so much fun with the Tolkien images I decided to bounce off another love of mine. Haiku. I have long collected seasonal haiku and other short poems and formatted them in different ways to give as gifts.


My favorite source for haiku* has them broken into seasons. I've decided to keep them in these seasons even though, to our eyes, they may not overtly represent a particular season. Therefore, it may be worth it to look through the Spring section, for example, for wallpapers you might enjoy year around.


For many of these, I've used photos or illustrations found off the net and have provided attribution. Unlike the Middle-earth art, I have gotten creative with the photos, adding special effects or introducing new elements (a photoshopped fingerprint, for example). I have tried to attribute the source photos/illustrations as much as possible.




Although I can spend hours fussing with getting a texture that feels right to me, in the end, I have not tried to perfect any of these wallpapers. They are something I do for fun and, in this case, done is better than perfect. They function like a crossword puzzle type distraction for the graphic artist. They require enough attention to draw one's brain from other issues, but, in the end, it's all for fun. They also have functioned like a 'loosening up' activity. Commander Mark says to draw, draw, draw. This is my version of doing lots of 'sketches'. I play with color, with fonts, and with special effects.


The original wallpapers were made for my desktop at a 1280 x 1024 ratio. I have a calendar in the left upper corner and file shortcuts along the bottom edge. The 1024 x 768 images were created by cutting some area off the bottom.  This sometimes resulted in less than optimal placement of elements. If relocating them was easy, I did it. If not, I left them.


So, in the end, they may not be high art, but I hope you find some you enjoy.


No money is made by me nor should any recipient of these images use them for profit.


The art in each wallpaper belongs to the artist. The design of the wallpaper is mine. You may individually share any of these wallpapers with friends, but please do not place them on any website for public viewing or sharing without talking to me first.









*The Four Seasons

Japanese Haiku Second Series

Japanese Haiku written by

Basho - Buson - Issa - Shiki - and many others

The Peter Pauper Press

Mount Vernon - New York



I found this book in a thrift store and it's remained

one of my favorite translations of haiku.