Fellowship of the Ring

Standard Jewel Case Edition Soundtrack (Original Soundtrack, OST)


Original Release Date: November 20, 2001

Number of Discs: 1


Jewel case


liner notes: 5 flap foldout, glossy - contains images, a few lyrics, extensive credits. Front face of liner notes functions as CD cover.

Online content

Collectible Cards: According to Enya's site, "during (FOTR's) initial pressing, the standard edition had six cover art variations - Arwen, Bilbo, Frodo, Gandalf, Saruman, and Strider - which were actually limited edition collectable character cards."

Label: Reprise/WEA

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Cue by Cues: My cue by cues for this recording start here with the first track. Each cue by cue provides a description of the music including identification of themes being used, an accounting of on screen action, lyrics being sung, and source text for those lyrics.

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Larger Images in my Picasa Album

Official Site:  track titles, and misc. frou-frau (e-cards, video)

Scans of some pages of the CD liner notes at TheOneRing.net's gallery. Additional pages.


commonly called the Original Soundtrack or OST

Cover #1: Enya's site, says that this was the facing side of the liner notes that were found under the collectible cards (which were called 'cover art variations'). Apparently both the collectible cards and these liner notes were part of a limited run. Soundtrack fan, Earl Carvahlo, who has also heavily researched the different editions, reports that this is the only cover he's ever seen in his travels and on e-bay. It is the most prevalent cover shown on online retail outlets perhaps because it was the one that was provided in press packets when it was first released.

Cover #2: This is the cover on my copy of this edition. It is also the cover shown on the official site. Enya's site reports that this cover replaced the limited run (sub) cover showing the four Hobbits.

Cover #3: This is the cover for the FOTR disc found in the LOTR Motion Picture Trilogy Set. I believe it was also used earlier than that in non-US markets. Enya's site shows covers from Japan and Taiwan that use this image. To my knowledge, this cover was not used in the US for the FOTR stand alone OST.


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Larger Images in my Picasa Album