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All good things must end... This site will be shutting down in early May 2018. Feel free to email me with questions or comments. (see bottom of page)

Source Songs and Poems

These are the songs, poems and quotes from which the lyrics were derived. Here you can find the composers, lyricists, translators, singers, the languages of the source text, and the  English translations.

Lyrics as Sung in the Soundtrack

The lyrics as sung rarely follow, line by line, the Source Song or Poem. Click the feather to see an overview of the Lyrics as Sung. To find a comprehensive list of all the singing in the movies click: FOTR -- TTT -- ROTK

Musical Themes

These are the phrases or melodies heard multiple times and in multiple places throughout the movie. I have tried to describe the theme, provide an audio sample, document the places it is used in the movies, and provide links to resources at other sites.

OST : Cue by Cue Analysis

This describes what you see on the screen while you hear the music being played on the Original Soundtrack (the one disc versions). You'll also find the lyrics and themes that are heard. You can follow links to learn more about the themes mentioned, look at the source poems and songs for the lyrics, and read comments on the music by Howard Shore (and others). To get a comparable accounting for the Complete Recordings download the official Annotated Scores.

Reconstructing the Movies From the OSTs

The FOTR-OST moves consistently through the movie in a linear fashion. But the music on the TTT-OST jumps all over in relationship to the movie and the ROTK-OST does to some extent as well.  I've broken the tracks of TTT and ROTK down into scenes and then rearranged the sections to reconstruct the movie and the stories of the Fellowship within the movie.

Syncing Unused Music  of the TT-CR OST to the film

TheTennisBallKid matched music heard in the OST, the CR, or in the Fan Credits but not used in the movies to each piece's intended scene.

Odds & Ends

These are some interesting observations about the music for a few scenes.

Diegetic Music

This is the music heard in the movie that originates from within the movie.  For these movies, it's all about singing: Aragorn sings... Merry and Pippin sing... the Elves sing... even Gandalf sings.

Official Information

Information from and an accounting of a variety of sources connected to the movies in some official capacity. It includes books, liner notes, audio commentary and appendices material from the extended edition releases of the movies, magazine articles, and audio and print interviews. Although I strive to include information from and links to many resources, it is not complete in terms of everything out there.

The Instruments of the LOTR Soundtrack

This is a look at some of the unusual instruments heard in the LOTR Soundtracks.

Similarities Between LOTR Movie Music & Other Pieces of Music

These are comparisons between bits of phrases from the LOTR Soundtrack and other classical or traditional music. Audio Samples provided.

The Recordings An accounting of the various editions of the soundtrack

My attempt at listing the different soundtrack editions. This could be of use to people attempting to purchase a recording from a source that is not adequately describing the product... or to someone who's considering which edition they should buy. I got sidetracked slightly into two areas:

     Non-official soundtrack recordings.

     Recordings of music written by or inspired by Tolkien

Trailer Information

This started out as an accounting of the music used in the LOTR trailers. Like the rest of the site... it grew in the making.


You mean you don't know what CR-TTT, DA, or G-i-P stand for?

Site Map


This is an important page and I hope you visit it.  I didn't do this work alone, I had help from people I know and some I've never met.  This page mentions all the work that came before mine. I just built my own tower on a extensive foundation.


I've tried to give you an idea of the resources I've used in compiling these pages and provide you with some places you might like to visit.

Shiny Thoughts

Links to the pages where I channel my inner Ent. Who am I? Why do I do this? What else do I do? Why do I think I can disagree with Howard? How has this work changed me? What is the magic behind the score?

State of the Site

This is my latest accounting of where I'm at, and what the future may hold for this site. Just don't hold me to anything.

A Magpie's Nest : A History

This is my accounting of where I've been. To the best of my recollection.




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