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Disc One

(track number to the left)


The Battle of the Maiar


Lost in Emyn Muil

5 Pippin tears off his Elven Brooch
6 Burning of the Westfold
7 The Three Hunters chase the Uruk-hai
11 The Dead Marshes
12 "Wraiths on Wings" over the Dead Marshes
13 The White Wizard's reveal


Zirak Zigal


The Ents Will Wake Up


Shadowfax's Arrival at Fangorn

Disc Two

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Théoden's Exorcism


Théodred's Funeral Procession


Lament For Théodred


Gandalf Farewells Théodred


This Is a Dream / Evenstar


Let Her Go


The Warg attack

9 Éowyn receives the news of Aragorn's fall


Aragorn's revival on the shore


The Elves leave Rivendell


Galadriel talks with Elrond


Faramir's memories of Boromir


Faramir's Seduction

Disc Three

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An Entmoot is Called


Théoden suits up for battle


 The Elves arrive at Helm's Deep


Lament for Haldir


March of the Ents


Ride out with me


The White Rider arrives at Helm's Deep


The Ents attack Isengard


Gollum's Song
14 Seduction Theme
14 The Leave Taking
14 Evenstar
see notes at bottom of page

Scene: Théoden's Exorcism +

CR-TTT Track: The Court Of Meduseld; B-2

Source Text: The Fight, The King


[2:15] Mettanna!
[2:25] Lim-
[2:26] strang
[2:28] wæs
[2:30] ge-
[2:32] bo

[2:33] ren
[2:35] Bearn
[2:37] léod
[2:39] cyn-
[2:41] in-
[2:43] ga
[2:44] Ma-
[2:46] go-
[2:48] rinc
[2:50] Mear

[2:51] ces
[2:53] Bun-
[2:55] den (in)
[2:57] byr

[2:58] de


The singing on the OST is shorter than in the movie and the CR.

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Scene: Théodred's Funeral Procession (sung by choir)  -

CR-TTT Track: Théoden King, B-3

Source Text: The Funeral of Théodred


3:30 – 4:00 Lyrics not determined but I think I might hear 'Bealocwealm' at 3:45 - 3:50.

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Scene: Lament For Théodred (sung by Eowyn) -

CR-TTT Track: Théoden King, B-3

Source Text: The Funeral of Théodred


[3:59] Bealocwealm
[4:02] hafað
[4:03] fréone
[4:04] frecan
[4:05] forth
[4:06] onsended
[4:09] giedd
[4:10] sculon
[4:11] singan
[4:12] gléomenn
[4:13] sorgiende
[4:16] on Meduselde
[4:20] thæt
[4:20] he
[4:21] ma
[4:21] no
[4:22] wære
[4:24] his
[4:25] dryhtne
[4:26] dyrest
[4:28] and
[4:28] maga
[4:30] deorost.
[4:33] Bealo

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Scene: Gandalf Farewells Théodred +

CR-TTT Track:  Théoden King: B-3

Source Text: The Fallen

[5:19] Of
[5:23] cil
[5:25] de
[5:26] tó
[5:28] menn
[5:32] thæt
[5:36] hé
[5:38] his
[5:40] déath
[5:44] ge-
[5:46] sé
[5:48] o.
[5:52] thæt
[5:58] hear
[6:00] de
[6:04] sóth

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mostly verified by symphony lyrics - hidden text - 2syllables in disagreement with MusicNotes version. I kept the MusicNotes version since it made more sense.  

Scene: This Is a Dream / Evenstar

CR-TTT Track: One of the Dúnedain, B-7

Source Text: Evenstar

[2:35] U i ve- (U)
[2:38] thed na i on- (i)
[2:42] nad. Si boe u- (ve)
[2:46] dhanna* (thed)
[2:50] ae u-es (Na)
[2:54] teli.. (i)
[2:58] esteli (on)
[3:02] ach nad (nad)

[3:22] (Na)
[3:25] (boe)
[3:29] (u)
[3:33] (i)

[4:32] Estelio (Te)
[4:36] han, Esteli (li)
[4:40] o han este (ach)
[4:44] lio (nad)
[4:48] Esteli (Es)
[4:52] o han (te)
[4:56] esteo* (li-o)
[5:00] veleth (han)

This music is in 3/4 and each line above represents one bar of music.

The syllables in parenthesis is the choir's part. 3:22 - 3:33 is sung by the choir only

*dhanna from dhanna(thach)
*esteo from este(li)o

From the Annotated Score of TTT: "Lyric soprano Isabel Bayrakdarian enters singing “Evenstar” over female chorus divided three ways. ... Isabel Bayrakdarian’s first statement of the Evenstar (Arwen & Aragorn) theme is not heard in the final film. Instead, the female chorus and the harp arpeggios carry the first moments of Aragorn’s flashback by themselves. Her performance is heard in its entirety here on the CR-TTT" (Doug Adams) In the movie, this 'first statement' was tracked into a later moment where Elrond shows Arwen a vision of Aragorn's death.


In the movie, this singing was tracked in to the later scene where Elrond provides a vision of Aragorn's death. This music was not originally intended for this scene and was replaced on the CR with the intended music (which does not use singing). The lyrics used are the first section above repeated twice. The music intended for Elrond and Arwen's conversation over what it means to be mortal can be heard on the CR-TTT

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Scene: Let Her Go +

CR-TTT Track: One of the Dúnedain, B-7

Source Text: Gilraen’s Song


[5:07] A
[5:07] chén

[5:08] Es
[5:09] tel,
[5:12] le íon
[5:14] adar
[5:17] lín


This is just the first section of the longer piece heard at Gilraen's Grave in FOTR. The TTT Credit music contains the last section of that longer piece.


In the movie, this singing was tracked in to the later scene where Elrond provides a vision of Aragorn's death. This music was not originally intended for this scene and was replaced on the CR with the intended music (which does not use singing). It can be heard in the movie just as the vision ends, Elrond says, "Arwen", and Arwen takes a big breath... as if she's been holding it. It does not contain the first choral notes but starts with "Estel".

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Scene: The Warg attack, pt 1: You must lead the people +

CR-TTT Track: The Wolves of Isengard, B-8

Source Text: The Call

[1:52] Hearp
[1:54] estrenge
[1:57] Hwær cwóm scír
[2:00] fyr
[2:01] scí-
[2:02] nen-
[2:04] de


This cue essentially starts when Théoden tells Éowyn to 'lead the people' and ends after Aragorn and Éowyn have exchanged a last glance and Aragorn spurs his horse off toward the attack. In the OST, the music lasts throughout this section. In the movie and on the CR, the singing only starts once we see Aragorn, on his horse, look back at Éowyn. For the music heard as the Rohirrim ride toward the Warg Riders, see the next entry.

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Scene: The Warg attack, pt 2: Riding into Battle with the Wargs +

CR-TTT Track: The Wolves of Isengard, B-8

Source Text: The Call


[2:17] Helm cwóm

[2:20] Helm?

[2:26] Hwær helm

[2:33] cwóm helm cwóm

[2:37] helm


This section is heard as the two cavalry ride toward each other. The cue in the CR is longer than in the movie.

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Scene: Éowyn receives the news of Aragorn's fall +

CR-TTT Track: Refuge of Helm’s Deep, B-9

Source Text: The Missing


[3:36] Héo
[3:39] dréag
[3:40] thá
[3:41] losinga
[3:45] Earla
[3:47] thinga
[3:48] the héo
[3:50] forléas.

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Scene: Aragorn's revival on the shore +

CR-TTT Track: Arwen’s Fate, B-11

Source Text: The Grace of the Valar


[0:11] Uich gwennen
[0:17] na 'wa-
[0:20] nath ah
[0:23] na dhín. An
[0:27] uich gwe
[0:31] nnen
[0:34] na ringyrn

[0:41] e-mbar han. Boe
[0:44] naid
[0:48] bain gwannathar,
[0:51] Boe
[0:55] cuil ban fi
[1:01] ritha.

[1:30] Boe
[1:33] naer
[1:37] gwan
[1:40] nath
[1:44] ach,
till 1:52

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Scene: The Elves leave Rivendell +

CR-TTT Track: The Story Foretold, B-12

Source Text: Hymn to Elbereth (0:30-0:48) and The Grace of the Valar (0:49-1:12)


[0:30] Nef

[0:37] Elbereth Gil

[0:49] boe

[0:53] naer

[0:56] nant

[0:58] ui

[1:02] ben-estel*


*The TTT Live Symphony lyrics tell us this last word is 'estel'. Neither Sabsi or I think it sounds much like 'estel'.

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Scene: Galadriel talks with Elrond +

CR-TTT Track: The Story Foretold, B-12

Source Text: Footsteps of Doom (1:13 - 1:29); Lament for Gandalf, chorus (1:30 - 1:56); The Prophecy (2:03 - 2:13)

[1:13] Man
[1:16] Ammen
[1:17] Toltha
[1:18] I
[1:19] Dann
[1:19] hen
[1:20] Morn
[1:25] Si
[1:28] Danna-
[1:29] atha
[1:30] Nauva
[1:41] Mel-
[1:44] melma
[1:45] nóren
[1:46] sina
[1:53] Nur-
[1:54] a lá
[1:55] earo

[1:56] núri

[1:58] va

[2:03] ter

[2:06] ca

[2:09] no

[2:11] nu

[2:13] va

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Scene: Faramir's memories of Boromir  -

CR-TTT Track: The Sons of the Steward, B-13

Source Text: The Death of Boromir, Part 1


I'm not entirely sure what I hear but I think it may be:


[1:35] a (held for till the next syllable)

[1:45] lin(nas)

syllables in parenthesis have been left out


The music at 1:35 is heard after Faramir's dream as we look down upon the cloven Horn of Gondor sitting in Faramir's hands. I can't tell if they're singing in the movie since the cheering from the next memory has started.

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Scene: Faramir's Seduction  +

CR-TTT Track: Faramir’s Good Council, B-15

Source Text: The Seduction of the Ring


[1:31] I tuo,
[1:33] i maci-il (a)stal-
(macil sung over three notes)
[1:38] daron mauri
[1:43] nai cor(ma),
[1:47] i tuo i macil
[1:51] a lelyat
[1:54] turenna
[1:55] tu(renn)a

syllables in parenthesis have been left out

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These time stamps work with the Complete Recordings of the TTT. If the song is on the regular or special edition CDs, you could find those timestamps on that track's cue by cue. To determine which track any song is on, you could consult the Master Lyrics List for the TTT.

Numbers after the scene indicate Disc and Track.

Sources for these lyrics as sung and their timestamps were developed over time, from many resources, and by many people. The most current source we have are the phonetic lyrics given to the choir for the TT Live to Projection Symphony. The work of figuring how to match source material with the phonetic lyrics and how to set them with timestamps has been done primarily by Sabsi with proofing and additional contributions by Danijel and myself.

Not all singing that's heard in the movies or on CDs is included in the TT Live Symphony. Some are from extended scenes (and the Live to Projection series involves the theatrical editions of the movies) or from Fan Club scrolls. Or maybe they're an alternate version of score found on one of the CDs. For those pieces, we are left utilizing a variety of resources---all limited in their own way. These include:

  • The TTT Annotated Score : This provides only the sketchiest of information about the lyrics. We are only told in which track each source song is used first. Successive uses aren't indicated and neither are we told which lines are sung.

  • Musical notation : These sources include primarily MusicNotes sheet music and notation found in the CR Liner notes.

  • Our own ears : This is the resource we started with that we relied upon greatly. Sometimes is served us well. Sometimes not. I once said, "Although we all are exacting in our labors, our ears are human, not Elven. We are making our best guesses sometimes. One of us hears 'ah' and the other hears 'nah'. I also am beginning to suspect that there's quite a bit of counterpoint singing going one, either between a choir and a soloist, or between different sections of the choir. We may never know what some of these lyrics are for sure."

    For those songs that are not in the TT Live Symphony, we may-in fact-never know what's sung for sure. There has never been any eagerness to provide this information in any official way. Whether the lyrics as sung followed the source text in a comprehensible way or not, Shore's intention was: "It’s more about sound than about meaning." (comment by Doug Adams) So, if it's not supposed to 'make sense' (the thinking goes), there's no reason for us to know what is being sung. My point is, I don't care if it makes sense either. I just want to sing along. So far, my argument hasn't been proven persuasive.

Thanks: as I said before, all of the most recent work involving the TT Live Symphony has been done by Sabsi with some help from Danijel and myself. Whether that information confirmed what we had before or completely replaced what we thought before or filled in what we had no clue before... lots of people contributed to what we 'had before'. Those people include:

Ainu Laire

Angela "Aty" Ferreira

Danijel Legin (Bârîn_Katharâd)



Gwen Lloyd


Incanus (Mikko Ojala)

Kurt Milano (Ridan)


Lisa Graves


Sabsi Fronek






and the ones who started it all:

Ryszard Derdzinski and the folks at Gwaith-I-Phethdain





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