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Theme Samples - Audio

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Sheet Music - Lyrics Publications

LOTR Soundtrack Analyses and Discussion

Artist Websites

Fan/Artist Covers of LOTR movie music

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Links to older material:

LOTR Soundtrack Analyses and Discussion

On-line Lyrics

Reviews of LOTR Soundtrack CDs

Official Soundtrack Sites (Artists' sites below)

Howard Shore Official Site

Lord of the Rings Official Soundtrack Site

Lord of the Ring Official Movie Site

Doug Adams' blog - for the upcoming book The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films

DA podcast: FSMROTKQ&A - Nov 2007 (FilmScoreMonthly ROTK Question & Answer)

Fan formatting of Annotated Scores:

German translations of the Annotated Scores of the FOTR, TTT, & ROTK

Concerts: Behind the Scene Accounts

Singing The Lord of the Rings by Guillaume Schneider: Part 1 --  Part 2 --  Part 3 --  Part 4 --  Part 5 --  Part 6

What Are Those Elves Singing? by Robbie F


Listen to full length tracks online

Three tracks from ROTK OST : The Grey Havens, Ash and Smoke, & The Ride of the Rohirrim (NPR Pre Oscar Coverage)

Two tracks from FOTR OST : A Knife in the Dark & Many Meetings (NPR Pre Oscar Coverage)

Sheet Music - Lyrics Publications

Schott Music

LOTR Soundtrack Analyses and Discussion

LOTR Score Analysis Project - wiki type site that breaks down the CR tracks by themes (Melson Zwerver)

ROTK OST Breakdown & Comparison to the CR-ROTK (Jim Ware)

older soundtrack analyses

Artist Websites

Plan 9 - article (Claude Flowers 7-16-03)

Elizabeth Fraser

Aivale Cole (nee Mabel Faletolu)


Isabel Bayrakdarian

Sheila Chandra

Emiliana Torrini

Renée Fleming

Miriam Stockley

Annie Lennox

Sissel Kyrkjebø

Fan/Artist covers of Movie Music

Song of Solomon : Edge of Night - aggressive acoustic folk)

Yulia : Into the West - pop (click on 'music' and scroll)

Happy Rhodes (video) : Into the West - pop