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February 2007

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Here's an idea I had for a new ongoing trivia game. I conceive of this being played in the best tradition of any living room, relaxed game. It's all for fun (I'm not keeping any score). There's no such thing as cheating (you can get your answers any way you want). We make up the rules as we go along and we change them anytime we want. Silly or joke answers are always welcome. And conversation can run concurrent with the game play.

There are many themes in the LOTR movie soundtracks. I've prepared soundclips for 5 different iterations of Mystery Theme #1.

  1. Downloadable soundclips from a CD (either the Original Soundtrack or a Complete Recording). These don't have any movie sound or dialog.

  2. Downloadable soundclips from a LOTR movie. These are from the same scenes as #1 but since they have movie sound and dialog, they provide more clues.

  3. Tracks and time ranges for the same music as in #1 above. If you have the OST and/or CR, then you could listen from your own copy if you don't wish to download. Since knowing how many of these clips are from which movie could be considered a clue, I'll put these time ranges in hidden font. Highlight to read.


  • Challenge 1: Can you identify any of the scenes for these clips? It may be hard to match specific clips with specific scenes (without the dialog) because the different iterations of this music are quite similar. But you can be as specific or general as you want. If you can't identify them from the CD soundclips, try the movie soundclips.

  • Challenge 2: Assuming you've been able to identify at least some of the scenes, what do you think this theme represents?

Feel free to use whatever resources you have. Nothing is considered 'cheating'. Also feel free to take the discussion beyond the parameters of the trivia challenge. Discussing the music in the soundclips and/or the scenes is fine. Having fun with your answer is fine. Asking questions or requesting hints is fine.

HINTS highlight to read

  • Which movies are the clips from: Three of the Five clips are from FOTR, two are from ROTK. This theme was not used in TTT

  • Special Circumstances regarding the scenes: The two clips from ROTK were on the OST but not used in the movie. The scenes they would be connected with were in the movie.

  • A subtle clue about what the theme represents: Hi

Music Files from soundtrack recordings:

no dialog or sound effects

  • Scene 1 (FOTR Climbing Caradhras)

  • Scene 2 (FOTR Digging through the snow)

  • Scene 3 (FOTR Approaching Moria - EE)

  • Scene 4 (ROTK 3 climb Cirith Ungol - unused)

  • Scene 5 (ROTK 2 climb Cirith Ungol, 1 stays behind - unused)


Music Files from movie:

with dialog or sound effects

  • Scene 1 (FOTR Climbing Caradhras)

  • Scene 2 (FOTR Digging through the snow)

  • Scene 3 (FOTR Approaching Moria - EE)


Time Ranges for recordings:

in hidden font; highlight to read

  • Scene 1 : CR-FOTR Disc 2/10 1:20 - 1:50

  • Scene 2 : CR-FOTR Disc 2/10 3:09 - 3:36

  • Scene 3 : CR-FOTR Disc 2/11 0:00-0:10

  • Scene 4 : ROTK-OST 6 1:29 - end

  • Scene 5 : ROTK-OST 9 1:20 ~ 1:25