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Well, there was a lot to hear in this weeks clips, wasn't there?

The scenes were:

1. Bilbo drops ring: this isn't an unnatural sound... just an indication of the weight of the Ring. Do you suppose the sound was that loud to Bilbo and Gandalf, was it meant to be a psychic sound, or was it simply exaggerated to increase the tension?

2. Gandalf reaches out to touch Ring after Bilbo's departure: there's a brief flash of the Eye and I think the sound effect is really associated more with this than with the Ring.

3. Frodo relinquishes the Ring at the Council of Elrond and sets it down on the pedestal: a fairly simple sound, compared to other examples.

4. Frodo snatches the Ring to keep it from touching the Mirror of Galadriel: We seem to have two things going on here. A rushing air or subtle growl sound and a high 'shing' sound. I was fascinated by this 'shing' sound. It's timed with Frodo's snatching motion on the Ring but there's not really anything physically happening that should cause this noise.

5. Frodo wearing the ring on Amon Hen: I thought this was a particularly good example of the 'wraith world' that Frodo experiences as he wears the Ring. I was prepared to accept any answer that identified that circumstance rather than the exact scene. There are more layers of sound in this clip. Anyone willing to list off what they hear? I'm guessing we'd all focus on different layers and then interpret them differently.

6. Frodo stroking the ring in the Dead Marshes: The pulsing is very noticeable in this clip. We're getting hints of a high pitched sound and I can hear breathing. I wonder if the breathing is Frodo or the Ring.

7. Faramir's seduction in Henneth Annun: More pulsing with a hint of breathing at the beginning -- again, the Ring, Frodo or Faramir?. There's a midtone drone... is it a voice? And I think one of the higher tones is a voice. The other sounds like fingers rubbing the rim of a glass. Some muttering comes in at the last.

8. Frodo offers the Ring to the Nazgūl in Osgiliath: Here the pulsing heard during other Ring encounters is echoed by the Nazgul wings. The voice is more pronounced and hints at a melody (theme?) that seems familiar but I can't quite place.  The clip ends with a non-vocal high pitched tone, a slight rushing of air and a hint of breathing and/or muttering.

9. Frodo claims the Ring at Crack of Doom: The pulsing has become a heartbeat. Instead of intoning, the voice is sing-songing something, whether actual lyrics or just mutterings is unclear. This may be an example of Sprechstimme voices. The male muttering voice, heard often in association with the Ring is mixed in.

10. Gollum and the Ring fall into lava: a slight, shimmery sound (which sounds to me just like the transporter on Star Trek) is joined by a rushing sound (the sound of Gollum falling?) and a splat. This was the last good sound I could get of the Ring. There was a lot of groaning in the end, but it was heavily mixed with the music and I wanted to keep the music cues out of this challenge. Is this really all the Ring had to say in the end?

As an aside, watching this scene in slow motion, I noticed that, as the Ring finally melts into the lava, the writing flows out from the Ring and sits on top of the lava on millisecond longer than the Ring itself. Very cool.

Did anybody have any insights in listening to these clips? I didn't include every example of Ring noise but do you think you can sense any change over the movies in how the Ring was aurally represented? How many of these sounds had you noticed and how many remained subliminal for you? I've always noticed the muttering, and now I'm wondering, in a more conscious way, is the muttering the Ring, a psychic connection with Sauron through the Ring, or the internal voices of the person being influenced by the Ring?



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