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If you haven't figured it out yet,

this special edition game was inspired by

April Fool's Day!

Although I was fine with people trying to accurately identify these soundclips
I really was hoping people would have fun and provide totally whacky answers.
In fact, I didn't think anyone could seriously answer some of those!
Whichever way you answered, you've earned your place in the

"What does membership in the 'hood get you?" ask.


Well, you get these exclusive links to LOTR Actors' Paper Dolls

that let you be the master of the pants.

Orlando Bloom 1

Orlando Bloom 2

Viggo Mortensen

Cate Blanchett

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Caution: Although these are not 'adult' in any sense,

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But, wait... there's more!


You also get...




Sound One: "whoosh whoosh"


This was Éowyn's sword practice.


Sound Two: "foo... foo foo foo... foo foo foo foo foo..."


This was Gimli blowing the ethereal dust of the dead.


Sound Three: "rumble rumble rumble rumble"


This was the laugh of the King of the Dead. This one is even more interesting to listen to as a longer clip.I just had to keep it short to keep the dialog out of it.



Sound Four: harsh "eeack"


This was the sound that started it all. When I was preparing the 'Sound of the Ring' discussion, I visited the scene where Gandalf returns to Bag End and asks Frodo to bring out the Ring. I didn't find any Ring sounds I wanted to use but, while Frodo is digging in the chest, I heard the oddest sound. It startles Gandalf who whips around towards the window. (This is not when they hear Sam.) It was a magpie thing of wonder...  all bright and shiny. I had to find a use for it. I started collecting odd sounds and then April 1st provided a golden opportunity.


Sound Five: "help"


This is PIppin cry for help from the clutches of 'Old Man Willow'. By time he calls out, he and Merry are completely engulfed, but 'that' picture didn't give us enough information.


Sound Six: "uuoorrpp splat"


The 'eeack' cry outside of Bag End was the impetus for the April Fool's edition of the TORn game. But this clip was the first odd sound I collected. I had this distinctive chord in my head that is heard just after Haldir is wounded. Then, I noticed the same distinctive chord just as the first Uruk-hai is wounded. (When the inexperienced Rohan 'soldier' accidentally looses his arrow.) When I went to collect a clip, I noticed this sound which is heard as the Uruk-hai falls flat on his face.


Sound Seven: "urhrop thplt"


This is Gollum spitting out the Rabbit onto Frodo's lap. This sound was one of those things that I reacted to with complete revulsion... and fascination. I couldn't stop listening and every time I did, I had to laugh. What a voice, that Andy Serkis!


Sound Ten: "ahhhhhhhhhhow"




This is the Wilhelm Scream. The clip was taken from the TT. This Elf falls off the wall of Helm's Deep just after Haldir kills his first Uruk-hai. It's also heard twice in the ROTK, once as someone is dropped by a Fell Beast in Minas Tirith and again as a Haradrim is knocked off a Mûmakil by Legolas.

But all of the answers for this clip are correct.
A is Pvt. Wilhelm, the namesake of the scream
B is from Indiana Jones
C is from Star Wars (as if you couldn't tell)



Thanks for playing.

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