Odds and Ends

Not quite themes but interesting, nonetheless.


After all is said and done, I was left with a smattering of music (and odd sounds) that didn't fit elsewhere and/or didn't deserve its own page. I decided to morph them all onto a page as 'odds and ends.' It's a mixture of incidental music, unconfirmed small motifs, and interesting observations.

SOUND OF THE RING - The Ring makes a variety of sounds that have nothing to do with the score but are part of the sound design.

MORIA VOICES - The use of male voices and the inspiration of Maori Haka in Moria.

BOROMIR: - Music and a surprise noise from Boromir's fall, redemption, wounding, death, and later haunting image.

THE DEAD MARSHES - Choral voices employ unusual techniques; Connections to György Ligeti's "Lux Aeterna"; Echoes of the Battle of Dagorlad,

DEATH OF HALDIR - Echoes of Gandalf's Lament and sharing a note with a fallen Uruk.

HOBBITS AT PLAY - A look at music used for Merry and Pippin's playful moments as well as Sméagol and Déagol's fishing scene.

THE FRAGRANCE OF ITHILIEN - A bit of melody heard twice.

THE HEARTBEAT OF THE SHIRE - The bodhrán taps out a heartbeat for the Shire.