In December of '06, I led a discussion at of the TT Appendices material, "Music for Middle-earth". The material was divided into 6 sections and for each, I created a web page (since I could format them more easily than a forum post).

I've now reworked those pages a little and offer them up here. This TT appendices material now exists in three formats:

  • HS Comments Page: strict transcription in the same format as other HS Comments pages

  • Discussion Guide: my heavily formatted pages (6 in all - links below) that contain

    • same comments as on HS Comments Page

    • Magpie tidbits (interesting info), comments, and conversation prompts

    • additional resources in the form of images, links or audio files

  • TORn discussion threads: these are transcripts of the actual discussions. The first post of each day's discussion is a copy of the pertinent Discussion Guide page but without all the formatting and images. The link to each section's TORn thread is in the intro box at the top of the page.


MONDAY: Themes

TUESDAY: Emotional Choices

WEDNESDAY: Vocals and Lyrics

THURSDAY: Postproduction


SATURDAY: In the End


Useful Guide to Abbreviations that I am prone to using:

CR: Complete Recordings CR-FOTR = Complete Recordings of the FOTR & CR-TTT = Complete Recordings of TTT

AS: Annotated Score. AS-FOTR & AS-TTT as above

DA: Doug Adams, author of the CR liner notes, the AS, and The Music of the LOTR Films

HS: Howard Shore; PJ: Peter Jackson

MfMe: Music for Middle-earth - the appendices material from The Two Tower's DVD that we are discussing