Official Information

Various official sources of information on the LOTR Score Music



Official Information - from a variety of sources that comes from someone connected to the movies in some official capacity. It includes books, liner notes, audio commentary and appendices material from the extended edition releases of the movies, magazine articles, and audio and print interviews. Although I strive to include information from and links to many resources, it is not complete in terms of everything out there.

I reserve the right to have my own alternate or even disagreeing opinions. For some of my thoughts on how this website functions in conjunction with official information, visit this page: Official Information & A Magpie's Nest.


Hardcover book by Doug Adams - This is the most current information and the information I take to be the 'last word' on any matter.

LOTR Score lectures & presentation - 2009-2011

Audio, video, and transcripts of presentations by Howard Shore and Doug Adams. Whereas the Interviews section contains mostly old stuff, this is mostly new stuff.

The Complete Recordings liner notes and Annotated Scores - Dec. 2005 to Nov. 2007

All text written by Doug Adams. This was the first solid and comprehensive official information available. Although most of information from these 6 pieces were worked into the book, The Music of the Lord of the Rings Films, there are some differences between the pieces and some information included in the Annotated Scores does not seem to be in the book.

The Annotated Scores are no longer available but you may find them quoted or referred to on this website.

DVD EXTRAS - Nov. 2002 to Dec. 2004

Transcripts for audio commentaries by Howard Shore, the appendices features Music for Middle-earth, and "Howard Shore, An Introspective" from the ROTK LE Soundtrack bonus DVD.


Information about resources in print (or once printed) including books or book chapters, magazines or magazine articles, and promotional material. 

INTERVIEWS - 2001-2010

Links to online written and radio (audio streaming and transcribed) interviews conducted with Howard Shore. Most were conducted around the time the LOTR movies were released. A few more recent ones are in connection with various Live to Projection concerts.


These comments are all quite old. Back in the day, this is how information was gathered and passed along. It is slightly tempting to consider these comments outdated. They may be part of the official published stream of information. They may now be officially considered 'old thinking'. But history is as important as current, up to date knowledge. Think of this page, if nothing else, as an archive. An archive of the early thinking on the soundtrack and an archive of how information was shared 'back in the day.'