LOTR Symphony Report

October 13, 2006


The Two Towers IV

The Hornburg Forth Eorlingas Isengard Unleashed Gollum's Song

Then the orchestra moves to Helm's Deep with the martial Lothlrien Theme. This was heard when the Elves arrived but it was also heard as the Uruks raised the ladders to the walls. It was this second, more menacing version that was played.

Ah, I was right. The soft, "Hwr cwm helm" that was used for Gandalf's Fangorn reveal in the movie but was intended for Helm's Deep is now played. This is pretty much the track "Forth Eorlingas" After "Hwr cwm helm" we hear the Fellowship Theme and the music for Gandalf and omer's arrival at Helm's Deep. The soprano and all choirs sing the music as they descend the slope toward the battle.

Then comes the music my son was hoping for, The March of the Ents. The adult choir starts and the soprano joins in. Then the female choir continues for the Ents smash Isengard music. (interesting... you might think all this raging battle music would be male).

Quickly, the music quiets and the boy's choir and female choir start humming the prelude to Gollum's Song. The female sat down half way through. Like I said, it's hard to tell if people are humming and I took my cues from whether they were standing or not. But I think they might have hummed in spots without standing. The soprano sang Gollum's Song.



The Return of the King V