LOTR Symphony Report

October 13, 2006


The Return of the King V

Hope and Memory – The White Tree – The Steward of Gondor – Cirith Ungol – Andúril

The music starts with the parting of Pippin and Merry. The Shire Theme here was really lovely. Then we hear Pippin and Gandalf ride off with that triumphant White Rider music.

I made notes of the Fellowship Theme and the Gondor Theme. I can't remember exactly what scene they were from but a check of the ROTK track, Hope and Memory says that the White Rider Theme moves to the Fellowship Theme so that's probably that music. Then we hear the music the accompanies those sneaking Orcs coming to Osgiliath in boats. The female choir and the soprano sing the music when Gandalf repels the Wraiths on Wings on the field of the Pelennor.

Then comes the White Tree music as Pippin and Gandalf walk to the Hall of Kings. The boy's choir stands up for the reprisal of Boromir's wounding. Next we hear the music for Pippin climbing up to the beacon and then the Lighting of the Beacons music.

The adult choir sings for Faramir's troops riding down the streets of Minas Tirith. This was a good example of the orchestra having to substitute an instrument they had for one used in the original soundtrack. They did not use pan flutes. I didn't note what it was but it was probably a flute or recorder. I knew it wouldn't be there but I missed Pippin's song to Denethor none the less.

Then we hear some Gollum music. At this point, I notice that the metal face of the accordion is glowing blue like Sting in the presence of Orcs. It's reflecting a light from somewhere.

The adult choir sings the Andúril music.



The Return of the King VI