LOTR Symphony Report

October 13, 2006


The Return of the King VI

The End of All Things The Return of the King The Grey Havens Into the West

I'm not sure exactly where the pause came between the section V and VI. Some of the music below may belong to the section above.

We get to the Ride of the Rohirrim. I have an partly unreadable note. I think it says 'Rohan' - then it looks like 'mmm' with some more letters then 'nice' Like I said, 'nice' always meant, "I like it!".

Then we hear the music for the Ringwraiths attack on the city. This seems a little out of sequence for the movie but I think they were also trying to balance out inspirational music vs. battle music, etc. I then noted "Army of Dead" - surely the music heard as Aragorn confronts the AoD - and then "Mount Doom". This is the music heard on "End of All Things" so perhaps the stuff above should be in section V. The adult choir is singing and then the soprano begins the stuff we hear Renee Fleming sing in the movie. She then sings the Eagles music. Then comes the Fragrance of Ithilien... the music heard as Frodo wakes up.

I made a note that the adult choir stood up but I'm not sure now what they were singing. After this note, I wrote that a male from the choir sang Viggo's part so the adult choir note came before. I wonder if there's some humming in there I missed. Then the female choir and the soprano sang Arwen's Theme. While they are singing about Arwen the screen is showing a long shot of Minas Tirith.

The choir begins humming the Shire theme. The recorder plays - probably the Green Dragon music. The accordion plays during the Happy Hobbit wedding music.

Then all choirs stand to hum for the Grey Havens. This is the same melody as we heard after Gandalf fell. At this point, I put my notes away and rode with the music. From memory... the soprano sang Into the West - very well, I thought. I can't remember now how they ended. The CD ends differently than the movie. The CD fades away but the movie does this tribute to Wagner ending.

I can't remember exactly how I felt either. But even writing this, it's the same as any ending associated with Tolkien. It's an ending. Someone wrote somewhere, LOTR is all about ending. I had to agree.

They crowd gave a standing ovation. I must admit I did not stand. I think I reserve my explanation for this for the next email which will be "The Review"... I'll be more forthcoming with my personal reactions and thoughts. The ovation lasted a nice amount of time. Enough that my hands and forearms were tired from clapping.

The lights came up. The orchestra, choirs and audience filed out and we all went home.



Wrap Up