Shiny Thoughts




My Summer of Tolkien revealed to me that I love to write. And I love to share what I write. As much as I'm a Magpie... collecting shiny objects, ideas, observations and concepts... I'm an Ent. Nothing is worth saying unless it takes a long time to say. Not everyone loves an Ent, but if you're interested, here are my pages:

Who Am I? : a little about me

History of the Site : the path I've taken

State of the Site : the status and future of this site

Inside A Song : some thoughts on Howard's music for LOTR

Final Thoughts : what creating and maintaining this site has meant to me

Thanks : it used to be a more effusive page but then there were so many... I showed restraint

LOTR Symphony : My thoughts after attending a 2006 LOTR Symphony concert

And here are some thoughts interspersed on various soundtrack pages:

Howard Shore, Doug Adams, and Me : do I get to disagree with the creator of the score?

"the composersí intentions are the key to understanding their work" : sometimes

Nature Theme : why I liked the name, "Hope Unlooked For", better

The Diminishment of the Elves : how can Arwen be connected to Gilraen in the movie?

Endings : nearing the end of my ROTK OST cue by cue work sparked some feelings

Endings part 2 : reaching the end of the OST work prompted a coda of thoughts

Into the West : the end of the trilogy