State of the Site



July 2011 (updated December 2012)


My last State of the Site Address was in June 2009. In that I wrote:

What's next? First let me say what I am not going to do:

I will not be adding any more thematic information to the site using Doug's upcoming book as a resource. In the event his book reveals incorrect information on my site, I will correct it in some fashion. But I will not be expanding the theme section of this site. It's done. It's in place. And what resource it offers the soundtrack fan will remain static. The goal (for theme work) I set for myself back in the summer of 2003 has been met. What comes ahead will be forged by other soundtrack fans.

That book, The Music of the LOTR Films, has since been published and, for the most part, I have remained true to that statement. I strive for a balance of presenting information built off my own work that is accurate in terms of official information and honoring copyright and intellectual property. I think I've done pretty well. I have it on good authority that neither Doug Adams or Howard Shore thinks poorly of what I've done. Hearing that was one of highlights of my life.



I also wrote, back in June 2009:

I will not be adding to this site, or creating a new one, to cover the music heard in the two upcoming films: The Hobbit and whatever that second proves to be.

I believe some are holding out hope that I will change my mind. I can sense when I might be tempted on things like this. I can assure you that I sense no temptation at all to change my mind. I can give you three good reasons.

I'm older now. I am not so driven by my passions as I once was. This site is the result of complete and utter mad obsession. It is hard to healthily sustain that sort of obsession. And, as much as I have loved my work on the LOTR soundtrack, it has also kept my left brain more active in regards to the music than my right brain. I think I want to just enjoy - not analyze for the next round.

It's hard for others to step up when someone 'established' is in place. I think it would be refreshing to see others step into whatever role they see me fulfilling. Let someone else have a turn.

Lastly, and I almost hesitate to point this out since I fear it will inhibit others from trying to do something similar for The Hobbit that I did for LOTR --- I think official score information is going to come out in a more timely and accessible manner for The Hobbit than it did for LOTR. I did what I did because I sensed a bit of a void. I'm not sure that void will be as palpable for The Hobbit. I'm not sure if the work I've done for LOTR will be needed for The Hobbit. But that is not to discourage any fan who would like to take it up.



I have embarrassingly not written a review of the The Music of the LOTR Films yet. That will come soon, I hope.

I like the ODDS & ENDS concept and might add more tidbits to that section.

I've kept a lot of the site focused on 'facts'. I'd like to pull in some of the really interesting and insightful things said about the soundtrack by different people in different forums.

Perhaps create some print friendly material of some of this information.

printable pdfs of the FOTR Master Song List  -- TTT Master Song List -- are completed - I need to do ROTK (someone remind me when I forget)

I'm working on a series of pdf indexes for The Music of the LOTR Films Those will become available over time both here and at Doug's blog

We'll see what else I get motivated to do. My first love is print - not web - and I much prefer working in InDesign than my web software

Some days I think I want a master list of all of the song material that uses Tolkien's own words. Why, I'm not sure.

And if I can really dream, I'd like to find a way to facilitate people looking at and talking about the soundtrack (in low-key, non theoretical ways). Wouldn't it be great to get a 'book group' to read Doug's book. We'd take it slow and keep the language geared for the casual music fan. We'd let the conversation roam from music to movie scene to book and wander between left brain and right brain as it pleased us. I've tried this in a variety of ways at's forums and, although the attempts haven't been failures, they haven't been roaring successes, either. But, a girl can dream.



When I wrote about endings after finishing the cue by cues for the final ROTK OST tracks (here and here) back in 2005, the end felt like it was right around the corner. It's been seven years since I wrote that and I think, for the first time, I can imagine THE END. It seems fitting. I already feel a bit of an anachronism in other areas and, at some point, the music for The Hobbit is going to capture everyone's attention. They'll still listen to the LOTR score, I have no doubt. But will they want to read about it and talk about it or will they either be all talked out or just have shiny new things to talk about?

The site is not 'done'. Not yet. I even wonder if I will ever reach 'done'. There are no publishers or distribution people waiting to 'take it away'. I suppose the site's fate will be that of the Elves.. to fade away when it's time here is done... when the enthusiasm and interest in the soundtrack fades away. Until then, my journey continues.



I am Magpie

... and I approve this message.