Who Am I?




Treebeard's cautions aside... my name is Marilynn Miller.

I live in the Midwest USA, am an elder in most groups (not to be confused with Eldar) with which I associate. I earned the nickname Magpie through my tendency to be totally enchanted by the smallest of objects. I'm an addicted collector of things. (Acorns, bark, stones, roosters, folk dolls, View Master slides, old egg beaters, salt memorabilia... I haven't even started the list) But I'm also an addicted collector of information. I never know what will pique my interest next and I love looking up obscure bits of information when I'm not sure about something. (See my instruments page or my use of the word 'diegetic'.)

For hobbies, I've dabbled in all -- and excelled in some -- of the following: Folk dance (English Country, Scottish Country, Manx, Cornish, Welsh and Morris), writing (essay), singing (mostly traditional English and Appalachian), doll making (folk dolls and unique poseable little fairy dolls), greeting card design, and assorted crafty endeavors. I love music. When I'm not listening to the LOTR soundtracks (or singing) I might be listening to all sorts of traditional music - straight up or on the rocks (Jean Ritchie, Steeleye Span, A.L. Lloyd, Boiled in Lead, Värtinnä, Pete Coe, Baltimore Consort or Hedningarna for example) or perhaps some contemporary music (UB40, Emmylou Harris, Weird Al, Venus Hum, Moby, McGarrigle Sisters or Flash Girls). I love to listen to scores and soundtracks when I'm working as a graphic designer. Besides LOTR, my current playlist includes Battlestar Galactica, Kingdom of Heaven, Black Beauty, The Fountain, Braveheart, World of Warcraft, Pirates of the Caribbean, Master and Commander, Kundun, Last of the Mohicans, Sharpe, Star Wars, Narnia (LWW), and Harry Potter (OOP), 2001, A Space Odyssey, The Mission. and A Clockwork Orange.

I've talked a little about my experience with Tolkien on my Final Thoughts page. It has been a major focus of my life since 2002: discussing the book, delving into the Silmarillion, enjoying the movies, examining the soundtrack, learning new skills (like web design), and meeting new friends. Entering Middle-earth took my feet places I never could have anticipated. Emboldened by my experiences, I switched careers in mid-life... following a dream to become a graphic designer. I even found myself wandering in Times Square and Central Park in NYC. As a card carrying introvert, I still feel a bit like Bilbo as he ran from his house without his handkerchief. But it's been a fun adventure.

If you have any reason to get a hold of me, feel free. You can email me at:
          a.magpie (at) gmail (dot) com

Please put words like: soundtrack or LOTR in the subject heading.
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I will not open anything with attachments without prior arrangements.