The Source Songs, Poems and Text

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The language of the High Elves of Valinor. Not a living language in Middle-earth in the time of LOTR.


A Moth in Isengard

Aragorn's Coronation (aka Elessar's Oath)

Elessar's Oath

Galadriel's Lament in Lórien

Galadriel's Song

Lament for Gandalf, Verses

Lament for Gandalf, Chorus

Moth in Isengard (A)


Prophecy (The)

Seduction of the Ring (The)

Death of Boromir (The) part 2

May It Be



Fight, The)

Galadriel's Lament in Lórien

Lament for Gandalf, chorus

Namarië (Lament for Haldir)

Prophecy, (The)

Seduction of the Ring (The)






Death of Boromir (The) part 2

Elessar's Oath

Seduction of the Ring



The language of the
Sindarin Elves of Middle-earth.



Death of Boromir (The) part 1

Elvish Lament (The)

Footsteps of Doom

Gandalf at the Door to Moria

Gilraen's Song

Hymn to Elbereth

Passing of the Elves (The)

Song of Lúthien (The)



Breath of Life

Death of Boromir (The) part 1

Dead Marshes (The)


Ents (The)


Footsteps of Doom (The)

Gilraen's Song

Grace of the Valar

Hymn to Elbereth

Road to Mordor






The Argument

Arwen's Song (one line in complete version)

Bilbo's Song

Blade That Was Broken (The)

Breath of Life

Destruction of the Ring (The)

Dimholt Road

Don't Let Go

Eagles (The)

Evening Star (The)

Frodo's Song

Grace of the Valar

Last Son (The)

Mountain of Fire (The)

Nazgûl (The)

Not Once, Not Ever

On the Fields of the Pelennor

Song of Lúthien (The)

Retreat from Osgiliath (The)

Way is Shut (The)

White Rider (The)




Used, for the  most part, for Hobbit songs. The two associated with Arwen are the exceptions.


Arwen's Prayer

Hey! Ho! To the Bottle I Go

In Dreams

May It Be

Road Goes Ever On (The)



Bregalad's Song

Gollum's Fish Song

Gollum's Song

Song of the Entwives (The)



Arwen's Song

Edge of Night (The)

Green Dragon Beer 

Into The West

Use Well The Days


Within the movie and book,
Old English was used  to represent
 the language of Rohan.



Call (The)

Funeral of Théodred

King (The)

Lament for Théodred

Mearas (The)

Missing (The)

Fallen (The)



Death of a King


The language of the Dwarves.
Since we have little in terms of canon.
David Salo created the vocabulary needed for the source text.



Balrog (The)

Durin's Song



Abyss (The)



The language of the Men of Númenor in the age prior to LOTR.



Revelation of the Ringwraith (The)


Revelation of the Ringwraiths (The)



Revelation of the Ringwraiths (The)

Black Speech

The language, created by Sauron,
of Mordor.



Black Speech Ring Verse (The)





Philippa Boyens was primarily responsible  (with some contributions by Fran Walsh) for the selection (or composition) of the source text as well as the language into which that text would be translated. It was then left to David Salo to prepare the translations. When the vocabulary or structure of any language was insufficient, he extrapolated syntax or created vocabulary. Some translations were straight, some were 'rewritten' in their translated language to achieve a more poetic feel in terms of meter.

Salo then sent the translated material to Shore who chose what he liked and 'put it together in a way that made sense musically' (Salo, Voices from Middle-earth, Music From the Movies, issue 42, page 47)

Salo was also responsible for the translations of non-English dialog and for linguistic ornamentation of various props (i.e. Elvish writing on Sting).